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Now Available 2018: 

Hurting Hearts Need A Light

This is not step-by-step guide to miraculous healing , but an inspirational read  to help you move past the pain and discover your purpose. Purpose = Hope = Joy


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       Coming 2019:

   In The Blink Of An Eye

   "When a newly elected member of congress discovers she’s occupying her missing, predecessor’s office, a strange book leads her on a journey of discovery. Who is really in charge of the country? Clues take her to a  crypt beneath the Library of Congress. When Marshall Law is enforced, chaos erupts, and her loyalties become divided between her mother, her government, and the laws that she swore to uphold.


   Mystery/Suspense  -   YA/Adult                                   

Available Now
The Secret of the Golden Heart


Twelve-year-old Kristian doesn't get along too good with his twin, Gracie, yet he didn't know what he'd do without her.

He steals his mother’s golden heart heirloom, and the journey begins where he's transported to a planet and discovers his mother’s destiny; only he can fulfill it.


When a mysterious, ancient beast tries to stop him from his mission, will the planet of his heritage be destroyed? Unless he finds the key that unlocks the secret to the golden heart, the planet, along with him and his ancestors, will die.

Will he listen to that small voice that tries to guide him, or will he despair and lose the battle in the face of danger? Will strength alone be enough to destroy the shadowy beast, or will his new found faith win?

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