The Cosmos

The cosmos has always fascinated me: clear nights, shooting stars, and nebulae. I could spend hours allowing my imagination to run free. If only it were possible to fly through the universe without a spacecraft and go wherever we wanted!

While doing research on my book, I found nebulae to be quite fascinating. Gas and dust clouds form Nebulae, which is why they appear hazy.

The Hubble Space Craft has been able to take us into the cosmos, and it is through this medium that has made it easier to imagine such wonders of the universe and the greater unknown. It has taken NASA's New Horizons spacecraft 9 1/2 years to position itself close enough to collect data from Pluto. The spacecraft left Earth in January 2006.

How did the universe evolve? How long has it really been here? When you do believe time began? To some, the answers are simple because of the beliefs they hold dear. To others, not so simple. Needless to say, the cosmos has done quite well as a back drop for many fantasy and Sci-fi films.

When do you believe time began?

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