Sheep Among Wolves

"I am the good Shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep." - John 10:11 NASB

A blanket of darkness covers our land like never before. And this blanket is smothering America. Social media and fake news is contributing to this darkness and has hijacked our thoughts, feelings, and actions (of many). Changes keep occuring and the darkness continues to grow until our lives become entrenched beneath the cloud causing the light to become obscured.

Image by Gerd Altmann-Pixabay

Do you ever wonder how we got to this point?

If we go beyond politics and all the noise maybe we can see the real problem: wolves. Wolves are trying to destroy us. Let's take a closer look at wolves--ravenous wolves:

Image by S. Nagle Pixabay

Wolves are social animals that travel in packs, and each pack has an alpha male. They're nocturnal, and as we know, they sleep in the daytime and roam at night seeking their prey. They are carnivores--meat eaters. They are stronger in numbers but are cautious creatures; they assess their situation before leaping into action.

To make an analogy, we have human wolves among us that roam about our country disguised as social media, politicians, teachers, college professors, etc. A majority of these teachers throw in some reading, writing, and arithmetic among their social agendas and mix them well; all to the detriment of our children. For those professors/teachers who leave social agendas at the door when you get to work, I applaud you.

These types of wolves seek to attack the sheep--they will chew them up and spit them out. They will mostly prey on sheep who are sick and weak; those whom they can control, and those who haven't the strength to fight them will end up paying a heavy price.

Like real wolves, human wolves are scavengers--animals or organisms that feed on dead, organic matter--and they don't stay in one place for long. Wolves are known to travel up to twelve miles a day; but in this case, they can travel the world in the blink of an eye through modern means of communication nowadays. They communicate by howling, barking, growling, whining, and disrupting the calm.


On the tender side of the animal kingdom are sheep. Sheep must rely heavily on their master--the Good Shepherd--to take care of them. Some may think this is a sign of weakness when in fact it's their greatest strength because "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me" (Phillipians 1:13 NASB). A shepherd works hard to protect his sheep because he knows the dangers that lurk around his flock.

Sheep need endless attention and the utmost care. Their masters must keep a vigilant watch; and because of the disproportionate weight of their bodies, sheep can fall down, roll over, and make it impossible to get up without the help of a shepherd. They will flail, bleat, and fight to right themselves, but if their master doesn't rescue them in time, gas collects in their four-compartment stomach, eventually suffocating them. This is the description of cast down sheep. King David knew how it felt to be cast down (Psalms 42:11) NASB). Some shepherds go to great lengths to provide their flock with the best of everything: plentiful grazing, green pastures, unlimited water sources, keeping pests away, and so on. Just like Jesus does.

There are other managers (shepherds) who do little to care for their flock because they care more about the fleece (for profit); and as a result, the flock suffers and flounders among the thorns. When a shepherd neglects his sheep, and doesn't keep a vigilant watch, the sheep are subject to falling prey to wolves, dogs, cougars, or rustlers. Sheep are at the mercy of their keepers.

We are like sheep in that we are easily distracted, and we can become unaware of what is going on around us as we rifle through life on a daily basis. We live in our own little pastures, feeling safe and secure in a ravenous world as we graze on the green richness of God's blessings. But there are wolves prowling about to find a way to attack.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians

These wolves are not just at our back doors or looking through our fences, they've broken down the gates to our communities and our schools and are roaming about freely, "seeking those whom they can devour." They are our true enemies, and we are their prey, and they will prey in the dark of night. They've crossed the line, and they're filled with fury and rage because they're hungry for innocent souls: those who are not paying attention. Their mission is to seek and destroy. While the sheep have been asleep, the wolves have crept in and pillaged our cities, towns, and villages.

It's time for the timid to awake, open sleepy eyes, and realize that the wolves can no longer be ignored. The wolves must be driven out of our towns.


Hate. Survival. Hate kills. Hate lies. Hate slanders. Hate harms. Hate destroys. Hate corrupts. Hate resents. Hate causes public discourse. And, hate always hates. Hate hates law and order. Hate hates anyone who disagrees with it. And most of all, hate hates Christianity: God, Jesus, and Christians. But their survival depends on their power.


Human wolves hate because they have an appetite for power and control. That hate bursts forth from hearts of a dark reservoir that have already been stolen by other wolves because they didn't have the Good Shepherd. They weren't strong enough to fight the wolves, and therefore, they were overtaken by them and ultimately became one.

Hate devours those who stand in its way. It overtakes unsuspecting souls as it conquers its prey. Hate will pounce, attack, and kill. And our enemies' hatred for us can never be quenched until the love of Jesus Christ enters their hearts.

Hate's prey are those who are not paying attention to the world around them. They've become unsuspecting bystanders.

How do we combat hate?

As I've stated before, I've always believed that if we don't get to the root of the problem, then we'll be overtaken by it because it's the root that provides knowledge and the strength to grow and overcome. A tree's roots must be strong if the tree is to survive. When we discover the root of a problem, and address it, then we can be better able to solve the problem. And Jesus will help!

I'm reminded in Psalm 23 that Jesus is our Shepherd. David knew well who his Shepherd was, and he depended on God for strength and courage to go through "the valley of the shadow of death" (v. 4). We must do the same.

Are there wolves prowling about your yards waiting to pounce?


Wolves prey on the weak. We can overcome by accepting Christ as our personal Savior. Staying in God's Word. Praying. Having fellowship with other Christians. And by being around those who love and care for us the way Christ loves and cares for His church. We must not give wolves any opportunity to wreak havoc in our lives.

It is my pray that we can all stand strong, and stand through the storms with the sword and shield that our Lord provides and to keep the wolves at bay. Don't allow them in your yard. God's grace will help us if we lean on the Good Shepherd!

copyright 2018 Debbie Erickson

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